Brand name Cases / EXPLORER CASES / 4412.B E


in-lbs-F° Width Depth Overall Height Lid Base
Internal Dimensions in 17.52 13.58 4.92 1.85 3.07
External Dimensions in 18.66 16.34 5.87    
Weight empty lbs 7.50        
Weight with foam lbs 8.60        
Buoyancy* lbs 23.59        
Volume gal 5.07        
Temp.rating F° -27.4/210.2        



4412.B E Black Empty
4412.B Black with Foam
4412.O E Orange Empty
4412.O Orange with Foam
4412.G E Green Empty
4412.G Green with Foam
4412.B C Black Computer
4412.G C Green Computer
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